Sunday School

Bethany Church offers a full range of study and fellowship opportunities for children, youth, young adults, and older adults.  Sunday school, in session from 9:45-10:45 a.m. each Sunday morning, features seven different classes for adults, one class for youth, three classes for children, and a nursery.

For more information on adult Sunday school classes, check the most recent copy of our newsletter, The Banner.

Mary Lotsey Class is primary made up of mature women.  They employ the lecture/discussion format, using quarterly studies, which present stimulating lessons that explore the biblical message and how to apply it to daily life.  Facilitators:  Carol Johnson and Paul Kendall
Lacey Martin Fellowship Class is made up of couples and single persons.  They use the lecture/discussion format, using quarterly studies.  (Uniform Series–see above.)  Facilitators:  Eugene Brown, Carol Johnson
Faith Class is composed of couples and single people in a range of ages.  They incorporate the lecture/discussion format to study the Bible, using the Uniform Series for Methodists.  Facilitator:  Alan Harvey.
Friendship Class is a very involved mission-minded class, made up of married and single people of various ages, studying the word of God.  They use A Life Guide Bible Study as a basis for discussions, led by several facilitators.  The class, among other mission projects, sponsors Operation Christmas Child.
TBD Class is composed of men and women who seek the latest knowledge about the Bible and Christian tradition from current scholars, ministers and theologians, using DVDs available from several sources, including The Great Courses.  There is also a focus on issues of interest to religion and society.  Facilitator:  Sid Dixon.
Gap Class is composed of young adults, both married and single. The facilitator leads in discussions of current topics which are important to persons of that age, including faith and prayer.  Facilitator:  Mike Harrison.
Journey Class uses a verse-by-verse approach to Bible study.  The class is made up of men and women of various ages, both married and single.  The class incorporates a discussion format, based on a Life Guide Bible Study.
Christian Family  Living Class is made up of couples with children and/or grandchildren.  The focus of this class is on issues facing today’s families.  The classes uses a DVD/discussion format.  Facilitators:  Cat and Adam White, Betty and Chip Neikirk, Shannon and Jim Minor, and Patsy and Kirk Bell.
College and Career Class is designed for young adults, post high-school and older, single or married, who are looking for fellowship and a deeper understanding of the Bible in areas such as relationship, work, and finances.  



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